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What is Cerec?

We don't need to ask our patients in order to know that taking impressions, with those cold gooey impression materials in a tray, is extremely unpleasant! We don't like subjecting our patients to the process any more than they do. There is now technology available to eliminate the need for impressions and provide better fitting, more beautiful and durable restorations in our own office within an hour so. We have invested in this technology to bring the state of the art art to our practice, providing our patients both the added convenience of avoiding an additional appointment, and also improved care through higher quality restorations.

Cerec is a combination of technologies integrated to create a work of art you have to see to believe. After completing the normal process of removing decayed material from a patient's tooth, we provide a special 3D digital image of the remaining tooth structure to a computer. The computer, running advanced software that can 'see' and analyze the tooth structure from the provided image, carves out the exact restoration from a block ofsynthetic material.It does so by controlling a robotic drill that it moves back and forth and up and down with incredible precision to carve our the exact crown or filling from a special block of material.

Since the material used to create the restoration is chosen from a large selection to match the patient's natural tooth color, the result not only fits with perfect precision but also matches the shade of the patient's natural teeth for a virtually invisible restoration that will last for years.

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Benefits of Cerec

Our goal is always to create restorations that are nearly invisible, imperceptible to the patient, durable, and at minimum cost and inconvenience to our patients. Cerec help us better achieve all of these goals.

  • Beautifully finished restorations that fit perfectly
  • Single appointment to complete what would have previously taken two or three
  • No 'temporary' prostheses while the restoration is being fabricated offsite
  • No unpleasant impression materials to gag and choke on